Alicia or Alice Marten was born in about 1740, the youngest daughter of Robert Amberson Marten and his wife Alice Harford. She was probably born in London although no record of the baptism has yet been found.

She married an Irish soldier Burton Bindon in about 1758 and they had at least six children. She spent the latter half of her life in Limerick and died in Clonmel on 21 April 1823. She is referred to as Aunt Bindon in the autobiography of Robert Humphrey Marten and was clearly some presence in family memory later on in the nineteenth century.

The Bindons were a well connected Irish family. Burton Bindon's uncles and probably his father Samuel Bindon were local MP's for Ennis and Clare. His mother was a Coote, part of the local Irish aristocracy. Another uncle was the painter Francis Bindon. The name obviously had significant resonance for Robert Giles Marten to baptize his son Edward Bindon Marten in 1832.

Although we do not know Alice's year or date of birth she must have married very young, probably just before her father died in 1758. Her eldest daughter Ann was born in the Isle of Wight, where he husband was serving in the 33rd Foot regiment. Two years later Betsy Bindon is born in Elland Yorkshire. The steady string of children, some presumably born in Ireland, implies that Burton Bindon was never posted abroad for any length of time, despite the exigencies of the seven years war - which touched both her brother Humphrey Marten out in Canada and her brother in law lost at sea in 1762.

In about 1779 Burton Bindon became Town Major of Limerick until his death in about December 1798. After that Alice Bindon seems to have encountered somewhat straitened times, writing of her lack of money as a widow.

Her eldest son Charles Coote Bindon is mentioned in the 1790 will of her brother Humphrey Marten.


Family of Burton BINDON and Alicia MARTEN

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Burton BINDON's parents: Samuel BINDON ( -1741) and Anne COOTE (1692- )
Alicia MARTEN's siblings: Martha MARTEN (1726-1775?), Humphrey MARTEN (1730-1790), Nathaniel MARTEN (1735-1816) and Robert Amberson MARTEN (1736-1773)
Husband: Burton BINDON (1726-bef1799)
Wife: Alicia MARTEN (1740-1823)
Children: Ann BINDON (bap.1758)
Elizabeth Coote BINDON (bap.1760, d.1837)
Charles Coote BINDON ( -aft1791)
Caroline BINDON ( -1817)
Emily Coote BINDON (1779?-1832?)
Fanny BINDON ( - )

Husband: Burton BINDON

Name: Burton BINDON
Sex: Male
Father: Samuel BINDON ( -1741)
Mother: Anne COOTE (1692- )
Birth 1726 Limerick
Occupation Soldier (33rd) and Town Major Limerick
Death btw 1798 and 1799 (age 71-73)

Wife: Alicia MARTEN

Name: Alicia MARTEN
Sex: Female
Father: Robert Amberson MARTEN (1699-1758)
Mother: Alice HARFORD (1710- )
Birth 1740
Death 21 Apr 1823 (age 82-83) Clonmel, Ireland

Child 1: Ann BINDON

Name: Ann BINDON
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Hugh Josiah HANSARD ( - )
Spouse 2: James SCOTT ( - )
Baptism 1758 Isle of Wight

Child 2: Elizabeth Coote BINDON

Name: Elizabeth Coote BINDON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas EDWARDS ( - )
Baptism 15 Jun 1760 Elland Yorkshire
Death 8 Feb 1837 Caher Tipperary

Child 3: Charles Coote BINDON

Name: Charles Coote BINDON
Sex: Male
Death aft 1791

Child 4: Caroline BINDON

Name: Caroline BINDON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Augustus Frederick SPENCE ( -1816)
Death 5 Dec 1817 Normandy

Child 5: Emily Coote BINDON

Name: Emily Coote BINDON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Montague TALBOT (1774-1831)
Birth 1779 (app)
Death 1832 (app) (age 52-53)
Occupation Actress

Child 6: Fanny BINDON

Name: Fanny BINDON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Samuel FENNELL (1771-1839)