Marriage of Captain John S Townshend and Daisy Walker - April 1918

This newspaper clipping and announcement of the wedding of Daisy Walker was kept by Molly Evans. Wilmot Evans describes Daisy affectionately in one of his letters to Mary Downing. At the time Daisy was living with her parents in Jersey. Her father was a military man.

The wounded officers from the shattered 1st and 2nd Battalions of the South Staffordshires spent a seemingly enjoyable time in Jersey - with no shortage of sports, late nights, dancing and dinners and drinking around the officers' mess. All are described by Wilmot in his letters back to England.

It is almost certainly Daisy sitting with Molly and Wilmot on the shore in Jersey in October 1915. Given the pressures of war, it was perhaps inevitable that she would marry one of the officers staying at her local barracks. Daisy eventually married John Sydney Townshend in April 1918 in Cheltenham. He is sitting three along from Wilmot in the picture of injured officers in 1915. He was distantly related to Thomas Townshend, Viscount Sydney, after whom the Australian capital is named.