Elizabeth Evans was born on 16 Mar 1800, the second daughter of Richard Evans of the Red Lion Inn in Wolverhampton.

She married John Philip Smith on 28 May 1835, a farmer from Lower Wick, Worcestershire. There is some evidence that Elizabeth's father maintained a strong relationship with his son-in-law, perhaps valuing his advice on agricultural matters. It seems likely that the Smith family had some connexion with Elizabeth's mother's family - some of whom were still resident in the 1830's in Powick and Pershore on the outskirts of Worcester some 35 miles from Wolverhampton, the exact area farmed by John Smith.

John P Smith wrote en essay on hop cultivation, that appears in the Journal of Royal Agricultural Society in 1864. He appears to have been a substantial farmer with at least 75 acres of hops alone. Later on in the censuses he is described as a hop merchant.

Elizabeth was six years older than her husband and did not marry until she was 35. They had no children.

John Philip Smith died in 1871 and the widow Elizabeth lived on until 1876. Both are buried in the Smith family vault in St John Bedwardine in Worcester.


Family of John Philip SMITH and Elizabeth EVANS

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Elizabeth EVANS's parents:  Richard EVANS (1768-1841) and Sarah STYLES (1774-1812)
Elizabeth EVANS's siblings:  John EVANS (1795-1795), Richard EVANS (1797-1859), Mary EVANS (1799-1880), Thomas EVANS (1801-1872), Ann EVANS (1802-1804), William EVANS (1805-1807), John EVANS (1806-1864?) and Anne EVANS (1808-1888)


Husband: John Philip SMITH (1806-1871)
Wife: Elizabeth EVANS (1800-1876)
Marriage 28 May 1835 St Peters Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton

Husband: John Philip SMITH

Name: John Philip SMITH
Sex: Male
Birth 1806 Lower Wick, Worcester
Baptism 7 Sep 1806 (age 0) St John Bedwardine, Worcester
Occupation 1851 (age 44-45) Farmer of 350 Acres, employing 20 Labourers and 4 women
Death 8 Dec 1871 (age 65)  Lower Wick

Wife: Elizabeth EVANS

Name: Elizabeth EVANS
Sex: Female
Father: Richard EVANS (1768-1841)
Mother: Sarah STYLES (1774-1812)
Birth 16 Mar 1800 Wolverhampton
Death 18 Nov 1876 (age 76) Worcester