Below is a provisional list of old nineteenth and early twentieth century photos extracted from various albums.  A number of these photos have been or will be scanned as part of this project.

We have a large number of photos, many named by my grandmother and great grandmother. There are a lot of friends outside the family and reflect a certain social scene in Wolverhampton and Hagley in the 1880's  and 1890's

The first photos to be sorted through will be those of named individuals as they are the most interesting to view and may assist other family researchers. There are even larger numbers of photos of houses, shooting expeditions and dogs (also named!)


List from Florence Eliza Marten's mainAlbum (1) 1880s - Codsall and Hagley

Nelly Egan and husband
Lady Talbot Powell
Mrs Platt & Eleanor Thorneycroft
Edward Bagnall Dimmack
Henry John Marten
Anne Dimmack (The Beret) - labelled gt grandmother Martin (sic)
Edward Dimmack Marten
Frank Marten
Netty Marten (aged 14)
Frances Anne Dimmack
Sarah Evans
Hannah Clegg (Uncle Henry's first wife)
Uncle Tib (Robert Humphrey Marten)
Mrs Tom Fisher Snr - Margaret Hickman
Mrs Shaw
Harry Shaw "Gums" brother
Tom Fisher
Mr Farrell
Jennie Olben ????
Amy Loveridge
May Gartside-Tipping
Martha Marten (Step Granny nee Shaw)
Florence Evans in 1889
Mrs Tom Towke
Lady Pilkington
Canon Bayner
Mrs Shaw
Edward Hickman
Henry Marten and Hannah Clegg
Olive Lewis (later Mrs Dent)
Edith Payne - Cousin Governess
Frank Mason
Mrs Egg
Step Granny
Rev Robert Humphrey Marten
Edith Payne and Charlie (boy)
Edith Payne
Tom Hickman
Mrs Egg
Percy Shaw
Henry Evans in uniform
Mr Shaw
Captain Wrench
Arthur Matthews
Ethel Pilkington
Mr Towke and Noel
Tommy Clark
Capt Evans Compton Hall
Mary and Edith Seagram (Dublin)
Florence Evans
Col Shaw Hellier and Mrs Wing (Camilla Shaw Hellier)
Ellen Terry
Mrs Sparrow Albrington Hall
C B Smith
General Evans
Rev Robert Brooks Egan
Edward Hickman
Arthur Mallby
Mr Terpeight
Wilmot Edwards
Col Shaw Hellier
Minnie Viles
Old Mrs Smith - Lady Hickman's mother
Henry Marten
Frank Spencer
Mr and Mrs Walter Loveridge
Mrs Joan
Jones the wattessmaid

The Hubert Marten family
Tib Marten Family
Roy Marten
Jean Marten

Evans Photos Hagley 1890's

General Forsyth, Wilmot's Godfather
The Gartside-Tipping family 1896 - taken Ryde, IofW
Phyllis and Pamela Gartside Tipping
The Loveridge Family
Kathleen Webster
Daisy Hatton
Aimee Wilson (French girl)
Bertie Grosvenor
'Fitz' Dobbs, Dublin fusiliers

Downing Photos - Hagley and Birmingham 1890's

Carrie Herbert
Arthur Herbert
Eleanor Welch
Auntie Ida and Uncle Tom
Miss O'Connell
Miss Drew
'Chumps' Dashwood

Randle Mathews family, Kinver
Jim Mathews
Edith Mathews, Xmas 1908
Jim Mathews and Mr Mathews outside Stourton Hall

New Zealand Photos from Charles Evans 1897

?Alpha Evans (Molly Downing’s writing and question mark)
Theta Evans
One storey house and tennis court - January 1 1897
Front view of same house – January 1 1897
Large photo of same house by J Macquarters studio of Gisborne
Garden group with tennis rackets – nothing on back

Photos from Charles Hellier Evans Australia/NZ 1920-1935

Lady with baby in front of car dated 11/2/23 description of the car on reverse! (Prob Vera and Scott?)

Same lady with baby dated 11/2/23 – no comment (no car)

Scott on Bonny at Harleys (6 yr old on pony)

The camp at Cugen NSW Oct 1926

Scott and Michael (Frank’s boy)

Vera at Thetas

Dudley and Annie

At Sigmas place Gisborne (June, Hellier, Sigma, Scott, Bryan (Sigs boy), Beryl, Jocelyn (Thetas eldest)

Theta in her garden at Gisborne

At Rotorua Vera,Scott and CHE

My house at Clayfield Brisbane – the garage and all fencing were erected by ME


Myself and the son taken in the garden of our flat on ANZAC day 25 April 1931

Scott and one of his ancestors at Rotorua NZ

Jeannette (Thetas youngest)

CHE and Scott Melbourne, Vic 25/8/35

Vera taken in Thetas garden

Vera and Scott at Thetas

Dennis and Kitty Pearse (Alphas children) Sep 1928

Annie Evans (Dudleys wife) June, Barbara, Dad ,Annie and Scott

8 Evans at “Pohaturoa” NZ (Olivers place) Dudley, Phil, Keith, Skip, Frank, Oliver, Geoff and Hellier

View of our back garden- broad beans on left next to garage

My small Christopher aged 7