Florence Eliza Marten was born on 8 May 1858, the second daughter of Henry John Marten and his first wife Frances Anne Dimmack. She was brought up in the family home at Penn Hall, near Wolverhampton, moving first to Parkfield House, Penn Fields and then to 'The Birches' in Codsall in about 1875.

Her father was a prominent businessman and a former chief water engineer for Wolverhampton. Her mother died when she was only 4. Her grandparents must therefore have been a continuous and key part of her life. Her paternal grandmother, Eliza Marten, lived with the family until her death in 1865. Her maternal grandfather Edward Bagnall Dimmack was her father's business partner and when he died in 1875, his widow Anne Dimmack moved into the family home, in turn. Her father also employed the daughter of his sister, Edith Payne, as a governess to help in the education and upbringing of his large motherless family.

The family appears to have been close and intimate as we know all her brothers and sisters were known by their nicknames and they remained in close contact after their various marriages. Florence was known in the family as Floss. She appears to have been particularly close to her eldest brother Edward (Teddy) and her elder sister Henrietta (Netty).Florence Evans in 1889

It would appear that Floss was keen on photography as we have a particularly well annotated Photo Album from the 1870's and 1880's that forms an important source for this website. She eventually married in 1889 to Henry Evans, who was eighteen years her senior.

They had three children. For more photos of the family at their homes in Tettenhall and later Hagley see the gallery in Flickr. Florence seems to have been in poor health from 1914 onward, which deteriorated after the death of her only son Wilmot on the Somme in 1916. Her brother Teddy died in 1917 after a long illness and she herself died on 22 Jan 1922.


Family of Henry EVANS and Florence Eliza (Floss) MARTEN


Henry EVANS's parents: Richard EVANS (1797-1859) and Mary SHAW-HELLIER (1801-1878)

Florence MARTEN's parents: Henry John MARTEN (1827-1892) and Frances Anne DIMMACK (1834-1862)


Husband: Henry EVANS (1840-1923)
Wife: Florence Eliza (Floss) MARTEN (1858-1922)
Children: Constance Mary Shaw Hellier (Molly) EVANS (1890-1974)
Charles Wilmot EVANS (1891-1916)
Phyllis Marten (Fiffy) EVANS (1895-1970)
Marriage 6 Jun 1889 Codsall Parish Church

Husband: Henry EVANS

Name: Henry EVANS
Sex: Male
Father: Richard EVANS (1797-1859)
Mother: Mary SHAW-HELLIER (1801-1878)
Birth 2 Jun 1840 Pendeford Hall, Staffordshire 1
Death 1 Jul 1923 (age 83) Hagley

Wife: Florence Eliza (Floss) MARTEN

Name: Florence Eliza (Floss) MARTEN
Sex: Female
Father: Henry John MARTEN (1827-1892)
Mother: Frances Anne DIMMACK (1834-1862)
Birth 8 May 1858 Penn, Staffordshire
Death 22 Jan 1922 (age 63) Hagley

Child 1: Constance Mary Shaw Hellier (Molly) EVANS

Name: Constance Mary Shaw Hellier (Molly) EVANS
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Noel DOWNING (1888-1965)
Birth 15 Mar 1890 Green House, Lower Green,Tettenhall, Staffordshire
Death 19 Sep 1974 (age 84) Upton, Hampshire

Child 2: Charles Wilmot EVANS

Name: Charles Wilmot EVANS
Sex: Male
Birth 28 Mar 1891 Tettenhall, Staffordshire
Military Service 1915 (age 23-24) France winning the Military Cross
Death 1 Jul 1916 (age 25) Gommecourt - Missing in Action

Child 3: Phyllis Marten (Fiffy) EVANS

Name: Phyllis Marten (Fiffy) EVANS
Sex: Female
Birth Q1 1895 Hagley
Residence btw 1940 and 1947 (age 44-52) Stoke on Trent - living with disabled male companion as nurse
Death 16 Oct 1970 (age 75) Cheltenham


1 "Marten Family Tree says 2 June 1841".