Margaret Sarah Chiswick was born in Poplar in 1851 the eldest daughter of Daniel Chiswick and Margaret Lucas. Margaret Morgan in 1928Her father was a cooper, whose family had practised the trade in Bethnal Green for more than a century. She married Thomas Morgan in 1872, who had moved up to London from Bristol only a few years before.

Margaret was the eldest in a very large family and had ten sisters and one brother. Her mother died in 1870 possibly in childbirth - so, we can imagine, Margaret had responsibility for looking after a series of young children well before she embarked on her own family. The last of her own eleven children was born on 1897. It is not surprising then that we find her again in the 1901 census staying with her eldest daughter Florence Schofield looking after a third generation. Her life was therefore dominated in the cycle of childbirth and raising young children, most of whom survived to adulthood. When she married in 1872 the register shows that she was not able to sign other than with an 'X'. This is a little surprising as we believe both her parents were literate. Her schooling though is likely to have been very limited - we do not have any later examples of her writing.  Despite this apparently tough life, she lived to the age of 86, dying in 1937. We have a memorial card from her funeral.  Together with her sister-in-law Sarah Rogers, two elderly Victorian ladies living in the 1930's, they must have seemed a throwback to an earlier and very different era.

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