Isaac Morgan was born in the small Somerset village of Luccombe in 1771 on the very edge of Exmoor. He was baptized in the parish church of St Mary's on 16 June 1771. The very next entry in the Parish Register is that of Joan Steer baptized on 2 Aug 1771. The two were to marry each other on 20 April 1800 in St John the Baptist in Bristol.

We can be pretty certain that this couple are the paternal grandparents of Thomas Morgan (b 1850) because of Isaac's longevity. In the 1851 census he is still alive and his birthplace of Luccombe is clearly listed. The 1841 census show the Morgans as a family of hauliers based in Jamaica Street in the centre of Bristol. Two of his sons Isaac and Jacob were both hauliers. The 1851 census shows Isaac and his youngest grandson Thomas living in the same household.

We can conjecture that his haulage business revolved around the wool trade with some connexions still to Exmoor. Isaac's mother Elizabeth Morgan died in Luccombe aged 87 in 1825. Before the advent of the railways haulage provided a reasonable living. Bristol port was already in decline by 1800 but it was still the economic centre of the world when viewed from a small Somerset village such as Luccombe. Isaac's grandson Thomas moved to London and worked in the docks and was clearly involved in the shipping of wool - perhaps much of it by now coming from Australia.

Isaac died on 9 May 1856 in Wilden Street, Bristol.


Family of Isaac MORGAN and Joan STEER

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Isaac MORGAN's parents: John MORGAN (1741-1783) and Elizabeth COOKSLY (1738-1825)
Isaac MORGAN's siblings: Elizabeth MORGAN (1765-1814), Thomas MORGAN (1767- ), William MORGAN (1768-1821), Mary MORGAN (1774- ), Abraham MORGAN (1776- ), Grace MORGAN (1780- ) and John MORGAN (1782- )
Joan STEER's parents: John STEER ( -1790) and Sarah MARTIN (1744-1802)
Joan STEER's siblings: William STEER (1777-1848) and Ann STEER (1782-1782)

Family of Isaac MORGAN and Joan STEER

Husband: Isaac MORGAN (1771-1856)
Wife: Joan STEER (1770?-1846)
Children: Abraham MORGAN (1801-aft1861)
  Sarah MORGAN (1803- )
  Elizabeth MORGAN (1807- )
  Isaac MORGAN (1809-1853)
  Jacob MORGAN (1812-1889?)
  Jane MORGAN (1814?- )
Marriage 20 Apr 1800 St John the Baptist, Bristol

Husband: Isaac MORGAN

Name: Isaac MORGAN
Sex: Male
Father: John MORGAN (1741-1783)
Mother: Elizabeth COOKSLY (1738-1825)
Birth btw Feb 1771 and Mar 1771 Luccombe, Somersetshire
Baptism 16 Jun 1771 (age 0) Luccombe, Somersetshire
Residence btw 1841 and 1851 (age 69-80) Jamaica Street, Bristol
Death 1856 (app) (age 84-85) Bristol

Wife: Joan STEER

Name: Joan STEER
Sex: Female
Father: John STEER ( -1790)
Mother: Sarah MARTIN (1744-1802)
Birth 1770 (app) Luccombe, Somersetshire
Baptism 2 Aug 1771 (age 0-1) Luccombe
Death Apr 1846 (age 75-76) Bristol
Burial 19 Apr 1846 (age 75-76) Bristol - Abode given as Jamaica Street, Aged 77

Child 1: Abraham MORGAN

Name: Abraham MORGAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah (1802-bef1860)
Birth Feb 1801 Bristol
Residence (1) 1851 (age 49-50) Stepney
Residence (2) 1861 (age 59-60) Stamford Hill
Occupation 1826-1881 Stone Cutter
Death aft 1881 (age 79-80) London

Child 2: Sarah MORGAN

Name: Sarah MORGAN
Sex: Female
Baptism 25 Sep 1803 Bristol

Child 3: Elizabeth MORGAN

Name: Elizabeth MORGAN
Sex: Female
Baptism 31 May 1807 Bristol

Child 4: Isaac MORGAN

Name: Isaac MORGAN
Sex: Male
Baptism 3 Dec 1809 Bristol
Death 1853 (app) (age 43-44)  

Child 5: Jacob MORGAN

Name: Jacob MORGAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah E BARTLETT (1816-1888?)
Birth Apr 1812 Bristol
Baptism 7 May 1812 (age 0) St James, Bristol
Residence (1) 1841 (age 28-29) Providence Place
Occupation (1) btw 1850 and 1851 (age 37-39) Haulier
Residence (2) btw 1861 and 1881 (age 48-69) Boot Lane, Bedminster, Bristol
Occupation (2) 1861 (age 48-49) Haulier Labourer
Occupation (3) 1871 (age 58-59) Labourer
Occupation (4) 1881 (age 68-69) Carter
Death 1889 (app) (age 76-77) Bristol

Child 6: Jane MORGAN

Name: Jane MORGAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas William RICHARDS (1820-1885)
Birth 1814 (app) Bristol
Baptism 27 Aug 1826 (age 11-12) Census implies she is at least 10 yrs old - mother is 55 in 1826 - also is witness at Jacobs marriage in 1835