Isaac Thompson was born in about 1772 probably to a non-conformist family in Sedgley. He went into business as a Japanner and owned a Japan Factory in Oxford Street in Bilston. Records of some of his property dealings are available in the Wolverhampton Archives (Ref DX-510 from 1807-1828).

He married Sarah Astley on 25 April 1795 in St Peter's Collegiate Church in Wolverhampton.

The art of Japanning had first become fashionable in the court of George III in the 1780's and Wolverhampton and Bilston in particular became the centre of the revived European industry. In 1818 a Trade Directory listed over 15 Japanning companies in Bilston alone.

in 1818 he is mentionned as the executor of his wealthy uncle, Isaac Whitehouse's will. His mother was Elizabeth Whitehouse and indeed he called one of his daughters Elizabeth Whitehouse Thompson.

In 1827 Isaac went bankrupt. In the bankruptcy hearing held on 19 Feb 1827 in Shifnal he is described as Isaac Thompson of Bilston, Japanner, Dealer and Chapman. Records (including a sale poster of 1827) show that the premises in Oxford Street had to be sold, presumably to pay off debts. His sons Joshua and Titus also apparently were engaged for periods in Japanning at least until 1837. His nephew also Isaac was able to continue in the Japanning trade until the 1870's.

Isaac Thompson died in 1838

His son John Thompson was the most successful and long lived of his children and set up a partnership with Edward Bagnall Dimmack as an Iron Founder in Bilston. His daughter Anne Thompson married Edward Bagnall Dimmack in 1830.


Family of Isaac THOMPSON and Sarah ASTLEY

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Isaac THOMPSON's parents: Richard THOMPSON (1745- ) and Elizabeth WHITEHOUSE ( -bef1818)
Isaac THOMPSON's siblings: Richard THOMPSON ( - ), Mary THOMPSON ( - ), Eleanor THOMPSON ( - ), John THOMPSON ( -1840), and Cornelius THOMPSON (1779-1843)
Sarah ASTLEY's parents: John ASTLEY (1745?- ) and Esther MASON (1748- )
Sarah ASTLEY's siblings: Joseph ASTLEY (bap.1768), John ASTLEY (1785- ) and Samuel ASTLEY (1788- )


Husband: Isaac THOMPSON (1772-1838)
Wife: Sarah ASTLEY (1772-1844)
Children: Joshua THOMPSON (1796-1849)
Titus THOMPSON (bap.1799, d.1845)
Anne THOMPSON (1801-1881)
Isaac THOMPSON (1803-1873)
John THOMPSON (1804-1875)
Richard THOMPSON (bap.1806)
Elizabeth Whitehouse THOMPSON (1809-1883)
James THOMPSON (bap.1811)
Marriage 25 Apr 1795 St Peters Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton

Husband: Isaac THOMPSON

Name: Isaac THOMPSON
Sex: Male
Father: Richard THOMPSON (1745- )
Mother: Elizabeth WHITEHOUSE ( -bef1818)
Birth 1772
Occupation Japanner
Death 10 Sep 1838 (age 65-66) Oxford Street, Bilston, Staffordshire

Wife: Sarah ASTLEY

Name: Sarah ASTLEY
Sex: Female
Father: John ASTLEY (1745?- )
Mother: Esther MASON (1748- )
Birth 1772 Sedgley
Baptism 11 Oct 1772 (age 0) Sedgley
Death 24 Dec 1844 Oxford Street, Bilston

Child 1: Joshua THOMPSON

Name: Joshua THOMPSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann TIBBATS (1798-1879)
Birth 13 Feb 1796 Sedgley
Baptism 17 Apr 1796 (age 0) Sedgley
Occupation Inn Keeper (Green Dragon)
Death 22 Dec 1849

Child 2: Titus THOMPSON

Name: Titus THOMPSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Maria TOMKYS (1798-1877)
Baptism 4 Aug 1799 Sedgley
Occupation Wine and Spirit Dealer
Death 9 Jun 1845 Wolverhampton

Child 3: Anne THOMPSON

Name: Anne THOMPSON 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward Bagnall DIMMACK (1808-1875)
Birth 23 Feb 1801 Bilston, Staffordshire
Baptism 23 Feb 1803 (age 2) Temple Street Chapel
Census 1851 (age 49-50)
Residence Apr 1881 (age 80) Birches, Codsall with Henry J Marten, Son in law, aged 80
Death Q4 1881 (age 80) Codsall

Child 4: Isaac THOMPSON

Name: Isaac THOMPSON
Sex: Male
Birth 26 Jan 1803 Bilston, Staffordshire
Baptism 23 Feb 1803 (age 0) Temple St Chapel, Wolverhampton
Occupation Japanner
Death 1828

Child 5: John THOMPSON

Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Jane NICHOLSON ( - 1835)
Spouse 2: Anne MILLER (1809-1861)
Birth 1 Nov 1804 Bilston, Staffordshire
Baptism 17 Dec 1804 (age 0) Temple St Chapel, Wolverhampton
Occupation 1851 (age 46-47) Iron Master; Barnhurst, Tettenhall, Staffordshire
Death 25 Jun 1875 (age 70) Great Malvern, Worcestershire

Child 6: Richard THOMPSON

Name: Richard THOMPSON
Sex: Male
Baptism 26 Dec 1806 Sedgley

Child 7: Elizabeth Whitehouse THOMPSON

Name: Elizabeth Whitehouse THOMPSON
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Jan 1809 Bilston, Staffordshire
Baptism 13 Mar 1809 (age 0) Bilston, Staffordshire
Occupation School Mistress
Death 28 Mar 1883 (age 74) Bilston, Staffordshire

Child 8: James THOMPSON

Name: James THOMPSON
Sex: Male
Baptism 30 Jan 1811 Bilston, Staffordshire