John Warmington was born in about 1766 probably in Hook Norton in Oxfordshire. His father was Joseph Warmington, farmer and yeoman. The Warmington family can be traced back several hundred years in north Oxfordshire and are probably linked with the village of Warmington just north of Banbury.

His mother Mary Warmington died in 1774, when he was only about 8. His grandmother Mary Young died a few months later and her will of that year allows a few insights into the family. It mentions his elder sister Sarah.

In 1777 John Warmington is recorded as starting an apprenticeship as a butcher in nearby Banbury, a career that was to take him to the City of London and the Butchers company there.

On 30 May 1785 in Banbury he married, Elizabeth Devonshire, the second daughter of Abraham Devonshire, the younger, and his first wife, Ann Rolls. The Devonshire's were a non conformist family involved in the wool trade.

The Warmingtons were also dissenters, probably Baptists. Hook Norton had a longstanding Baptist community. John Warmington's grandfather was John Young, who was probably the John Young who helped build the first full time Baptist Church in Hook Norton in 1717.  

John Warmington's business interests extended far beyond butchery to take in the allied trades of hides, tanning and cattle breeding. By 1783 John Warmington and his wife Elizabeth moved to the East End of London on the edge of the City which was a centre for many London dissenters. Six of their nine children were born and baptized in Cripplegate. By 1801 the family moved out to the more rural village of Plaistow that continued to have a collection of like minded individuals.

He was admitted to the freedom of the City of London in 1787. On 2nd January 1792 the London Gazette records the dissolution of a partnership between Thomas Holbeach and John Warmington of Fore Street, Cripplegate. Here John Warmington is described as a "Hyde Salesman"

John Warmington is recorded as being a Baptist 'Minister' involved in the newly founded North Street Chapel in Plaistow in 1807. He had helped found this chapel with Robert Humphrey Marten who was a close neighbour up the hill at Broadway House. His eldest daughter, Eliza, married Robert Humphrey Marten's eldest son, Robert Giles Marten.

John Warmington was a member of the City Livery Company, the Worshipful Company of Butchers, rising to be Master in 1815.

John Warmington was still alive in the 1841 census where he is described as a 'Grazier'. Maps show he certainly owned several pastures around Balaam Street in Plaistow where the current day eponymous Warmington Street is located in E13.

The only other mention of John Warmington is in the testimonial writtten by Robert Humphrey Marten in 1810 concerning a 'city' scheme to insure cattle. This was a venture, seemingly supported by John Warmington, that failed and cost RHM an investment of £100. In announcements in the London Gazette there can be found mention of a John Warmington, who is a director of the Hope Assurance Co of Ludgate Hill. This, we can conclude, is almost certainly him. He appears to have been a director from about 1800 until his 'disqualification' in 1843.

He died on 25 July 1845 in Plaistow and left a number of distinguished grandchildren. He is recorded as being 79 years of age. In the absens of a baptism record, this is the only concrete indication of his actual birth year.

The descendants of Robert Giles Marten are documented on this site. His daughter Caroline married into the Eisdell family, important tanners, in Colchester. His son Edward Warmington married Mary Payne, an important Quaker family with which the Warmingtons intermarried several times. Edward's descendants include Sir Cornelius Marshall Warmington QC and a Warmington baronetcy.

Family of John WARMINGTON and Elizabeth DEVONSHIRE

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John WARMINGTON's parents: Joseph WARMINGTON (1737-1797) and Mary YOUNG (1729-1774)
Elizabeth DEVONSHIRE's parents: Abraham DEVONSHIRE (1728-1799) and Ann ROLLS (1726-1770)
Elizabeth DEVONSHIRE's siblings: Abraham DEVONSHIRE (1753- ) and Caroline DEVONSHIRE (1756-1843)


Husband: John WARMINGTON (1763?-1845)
Wife: Elizabeth DEVONSHIRE (1763?-1833)
Children: Joseph WARMINGTON (1789-1868)
  Caroline WARMINGTON (1791-1850)
  Eliza WARMINGTON (1793-1865)
  John WARMINGTON (1796-1860)
  James WARMINGTON (1800-1878)
  Ann Devonshire WARMINGTON (1801-1881)
  Edward WARMINGTON (1803-1871)
  Ebenezer WARMINGTON (1805-1832)
  Samuel Young WARMINGTON (1806-1834)
Marriage 30 May 1785 Banbury, Oxfordshire

Husband: John WARMINGTON

Sex: Male
Father: Joseph WARMINGTON (1737-1797)
Mother: Mary YOUNG (1729-1774)
Birth 1766 (app) Hook Norton, Oxon 
Residence (1) btw 1803 and 1820 (age 39-57) Balaam Street Plaistow 2
Residence (2) 1820 (age 56-57) Warmington Street E13 named after his residence
Death 25 Jul 1845 (age 81-82) Plaistow 3

Wife: Elizabeth DEVONSHIRE

Name: Elizabeth DEVONSHIRE 4
Sex: Female
Father: Abraham DEVONSHIRE (1728-1799)
Mother: Ann ROLLS (1726-1770)
Birth 1763 (app) Banbury
Death 1833 (age 70)  

Child 1: Joseph WARMINGTON

Sex: Male
Spouse: Eliza Guyer HORSEY (1797-1875)
Birth 24 Oct 1789 Cripplegate, London
Death 1868 (age 78-79) Lee Kent
Occupation   Butcher/Landowner

Child 2: Caroline WARMINGTON

Name: Caroline WARMINGTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph Carter EISDELL (1787-1854)
Birth 28 May 1791 Cripplegate, London
Death 4 Dec 1850 (age 59) Plaistow (Mr Chaplin's) 5

Child 3: Eliza WARMINGTON

Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Giles MARTEN (1792-1839)
Birth 22 Jan 1793 Cripplegate, London 6
Residence (1) 1841 (age 47-48) Grove Place, Camberwell recently widowed
Residence (2) 1851 (age 57-58) DeCrespigny Terrace, Dulwich, Camberwell
Residence (3) 1861 (age 67-68) Woverhampton with son Henry
Death 4 Jul 1865 (age 72) Wolverhampton, Staffs

Child 4: John WARMINGTON

Sex: Male
Birth 10 Aug 1796 Cripplegate, London

Child 5: James WARMINGTON

Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary BAYLISS (1808- )
Birth 25 Apr 1800 Streatham, Surrey
Occupation   Hide and Skin Broker

Child 6: Ann Devonshire WARMINGTON

Name: Ann Devonshire WARMINGTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Dermer SADDINGTON (1808-1871)
Birth 19 Nov 1801 Cripplegate, London
Census 1841 (age 39-40) Unmarried daughter 'Sarah' living with father John in Plaistow
Residence 1881 (age 79-80) Lee Kent 7
Death 12 Jul 1881 (age 79) Lewisham, Kent

Child 7: Edward WARMINGTON

Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary PAYNE (1806- )
Birth 6 Dec 1803 Plaistow, Essex
Death 1871 (age 67-68) Colchester Essex
Occupation 1851 (age 47-48) Leather Dealer; Leather Seller presumably in partenership with JC Eisdell

Child 8: Ebenezer WARMINGTON

Name: Ebenezer WARMINGTON
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Jan 1805 Plaistow, Essex

Child 9: Samuel Young WARMINGTON

Name: Samuel Young WARMINGTON
Sex: Male
Birth 30 Aug 1806 Plaistow, Essex


1 There is a Lee, Kent connection for the devonshires and the Warmington - Robert Humphrey Marten of Lee is a descendant.
2 "Curwen, Old Plaistow, 1904".
3 "The Gentlemans Magazine, 1845 p 323". Text From Source: Obituary Aged 82
4 Devonshire because of her daughters name and confirmed nby the Marten family tree.
5 "Gentlemans Magazine, 1850". Text From Source: Wife of J C Eisdell of Colchester, aged 58, Obituary eldest daughter of the late John Warmington of Plaistow
6 Dissenters Birth Certificate MS7744/P/29
7 The 1881 census is the only one to give Ann Devonshire Saddington (nee Warmington) place of birth as Cripplegate. This ties in with the Marten family tree that gives her sister's place of birth as Cripplegate too. This is a key link to the Devonshire name.