Samuel Chiswick was baptized on 27 May 1740 at St Dunstans Stepney, the eldest son of Samuel Chiswick, a miller from Poplar. The parish records give a fair amount of details of his life. He was the first of a long line of the Chiswick family who became coopers in the East end of London.

He married Sarah Newell on 7 Nov 1762 at St Paul's Shadwell and the baptisms of each of their children reveal a series of addresses across Limehouse, Wapping and Shadwell where he earnt his living as a cooper. We can imagine that the trade of 'coopering' was largely spurred by the burgeoning London docks at this time. Historically there was a shift of trade from Bristol to London that eventually led to the building of huge Dock complexes around the Pool of London in the period 1790 to 1810. Coopering would have been an essential service for the transport of a number of key commodities.

Both Samuel and Sarah were literate which indicates that the coopering trade put them in a semi professional class and a high percentage of their children survived into adulthood.

At the baptism of his daughter Elizabeth in 1771 his address is given as Narrow Street, Wapping. At the baptism of his son Samuel in 1777 he is in nearby Milk Yard Wapping.

The burial of a Samuel Chiswick on 19 Dec 1790 is almost certainly him. His youngest son Joseph William Chiswick was only about four years of age.


Family of Samuel CHISWICK and Sarah NEWELL

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Samuel CHISWICK's parents: Samuel CHISWICK (bap.1715) and Ann LAWRENCE ( - )
Samuel CHISWICK's siblings: Elizabeth CHISWICK (b.1738, bur.1775), Mary CHISWICK (1743-1786), Martha CHISWICK (1745- ), Elizabeth CHISWICK (bap.1749) and Anne CHISWICK (1752- )
Husband: Samuel CHISWICK (bap.1740, bur.1790)
Wife: Sarah NEWELL (1743- )
Children: Sarah Ann CHISWICK (bap.1763)
John CHISWICK (b.1765, bur.1807)
Thomas Philip CHISWICK (bap.1769, bur.1770)
Elizabeth CHISWICK (1771- )
Katherine CHISWICK (bap.1775)
Samuel Jarvis CHISWICK (bap.1777, bur.1839)
Mary Theresa CHISWICK (bap.1780)
William CHISWICK (bap.1782)
Joseph William CHISWICK (1786-1870)
Marriage 7 Nov 1762 St Paul Shadwell

Husband: Samuel CHISWICK

Name: Samuel CHISWICK
Sex: Male
Father: Samuel CHISWICK (bap.1715)
Mother: Ann LAWRENCE ( - )
Baptism 27 May 1740 St Dunstans, Stepney
Occupation Cooper
Residence (1) 1771 Narrow Street
Residence (2) 1777 Noahs Ark Alley
Residence (3) 1780 Milk Yard Wapping
Burial 19 Dec 1790 St Dunstans, Stepney

Wife: Sarah NEWELL

Name: Sarah NEWELL
Sex: Female
Father: George NEWELL ( - )
Mother: Sarah ( - )
Birth 1743 Whitechapel
Baptism 29 Feb 1743 (age 0) St Mary's Whitechapel

Child 1: Sarah Ann CHISWICK

Name: Sarah Ann CHISWICK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph JACKSON ( - )
Baptism 2 Oct 1763 St Anne Limehouse

Child 2: John CHISWICK

Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann Tomlinson GOODINGS ( - )
Birth 20 Oct 1765 Limehouse
Burial 23 Feb 1807 (age 41)

Child 3: Thomas Philip CHISWICK

Name: Thomas Philip CHISWICK
Sex: Male
Baptism 14 May 1769 St Anne Limehouse
Burial 15 Oct 1770 St Anne Limehouse

Child 4: Elizabeth CHISWICK

Name: Elizabeth CHISWICK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard STANTON ( - )
Birth 8 Apr 1771 Limehouse
Baptism 5 May 1771 (age 0) St Anne Limehouse

Child 5: Katherine CHISWICK

Name: Katherine CHISWICK
Sex: Female
Baptism 5 Feb 1775 St George in the East

Child 6: Samuel Jarvis CHISWICK

Name: Samuel Jarvis CHISWICK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anne BEAZER (1784?-1869)
Baptism 3 Aug 1777 St Anne Limehouse
Occupation 1850 Cooper (on son Daniel's marriage cert)
Burial 14 Feb 1839 Wycliffe Congregational Church, Whitechapel

Child 7: Mary Theresa CHISWICK

Name: Mary Theresa CHISWICK
Sex: Female
Baptism 14 Jun 1780 St Paul Shadwell

Child 8: William CHISWICK

Name: William CHISWICK
Sex: Male
Baptism 24 Feb 1782 St Paul Shadwell

Child 9: Joseph William CHISWICK

Name: Joseph William CHISWICK
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Elizabeth MARLOW (1776-1839)
Spouse 2: Elizabeth HOLLEY (1807- )
Birth 1786 Poplar
Death Q4 1870 (age 83-84)