Edward Bagnall was baptized at St Leonard's, Broseley in Shropshire on 22 Mar 1761. He was the third of four sons of John Bagnall and Margaret Dixon. John Bagnall is described as a mining engineer , significant because Broseley was at the very heart of the Industrial Revolution, just a mile or so from Coalbrookdale and the famous Ironbridge, built in 1779. The Bagnall family were to embrace the new technology of the revolution and by the time Edward and his older brother John had reached adulthood their father had established important coal and iron interests in the West Midlands, notably the Golds Hill Iron works and in and around  Darlaston and Wednesbury where the pace of industrialization was ever increasing.

The businesses were run as a web of family partnerships and it is difficult sometimes to disentangle each brother's role from some of the documents that have survived.

Edward married Mary Wilkes on 1 Jan 1783 at St Lawrence, Darlaston. It would appear that the Wilkes family had Iron founding interests in Tipton and it was by a series of judicious marriages that the stretch of the family businesses was extended.

At some point around 1790 Edward Bagnall almost certainly became a Wesleyan - although his children continued to be baptized in the Church of Englans those of his brothers John and Daniel were baptized in Darlington Street Methodist Church in Wolverthampton.

Edward died in 1805 at the age of 44 only five years after his father John Bagnall, the elder. He was survived by his elder brother John who lived until 1829 and his younger brother Daniel.

John Bagnall, the younger, had six sons and were the names behind the important nineteenth century iron works in West Bromwich of John Bagnall and Sons. The fortunes of Edward's own children were more mixed. His two elder sons both married members of the Hinton family. His eldest daughter Jane married Jeremiah Dimmack. His daughter, Martha, married Edward Charles Thorneycroft, the twin brother of Wolverhampton's first mayor George Benjamin Thorneycroft.

Family of Edward BAGNALL and Mary WILKES

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Edward BAGNALL's parents: John BAGNALL (bap.1730, d.1800) and Margaret DIXON (1730-1815)
Edward BAGNALL's siblings: William BAGNALL (bap.1754, d.1793), Elizabeth BAGNALL (1756- ), John BAGNALL (bap.1759, d.1829) and Daniel BAGNALL (1763?-aft1851)
Mary WILKES's brother: William WILKES ( - )
Husband: Edward BAGNALL (bap.1761, d.1805)
Wife: Mary WILKES (1764?-1804)
Children: Daniel BAGNALL (1784-1865)
  Edward BAGNALL (1786-1854?)
  Jane BAGNALL (b.1788?, bur.1850)
  Joseph BAGNALL (bap.1791)
  Mary BAGNALL (1792- )
  Martha BAGNALL (1795-1866)
  William BAGNALL (bap.1795)
Marriage 1 Jan 1783 St Lawrence, Darlaston

Husband: Edward BAGNALL

Name: Edward BAGNALL
Sex: Male
Father: John BAGNALL (bap.1730, d.1800)
Mother: Margaret DIXON (1730-1815)
Baptism 22 Mar 1761 St Leonard's Broseley
Occupation   Coal Master
Death 18 Dec 1805 Wednesbury
Burial 23 Dec 1805 Darlaston

Wife: Mary WILKES

Name: Mary WILKES
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1764 (app) Tipton
Death 17 Apr 1804 (age 39-40)  

Child 1: Daniel BAGNALL

Name: Daniel BAGNALL
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Betsy HINTON (1784-1847)
Spouse 2: Elizabeth (1799-aft1871)
Birth 1784 Darlaston
Death 1865 (age 80-81)  
Occupation   Mine Agent

Child 2: Edward BAGNALL

Name: Edward BAGNALL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary HINTON (1787-aft1851)
Birth 1786 Wednesbury
Residence 1824 (age 37-38) Shireland Hall
Occupation (1) 1841 (age 54-55) Coal Master
Occupation (2) 1851 (age 64-65) Mining Engineer
Death 1854 (app) (age 67-68)  

Child 3: Jane BAGNALL

Name: Jane BAGNALL 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jeremiah DIMMACK (bap.1781, bur.1848)
Birth 1788 (app) Staffordshire
Burial 2 Feb 1850 (age 61-62) Wolverhampton Methodists

Child 4: Joseph BAGNALL

Name: Joseph BAGNALL
Sex: Male
Baptism 24 Apr 1791 St Lawrence, Darlaston
Death 1791  

Child 5: Mary BAGNALL

Name: Mary BAGNALL
Sex: Female
Birth 1792 Darlaston

Child 6: Martha BAGNALL

Name: Martha BAGNALL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward Charles THORNEYCROFT (1791-1847)
Birth 1795 Bilston, Staffordshire
Baptism 5 Apr 1795 (age 0) St Lawrence, Darlaston
Residence 1861 (age 65-66) Widow living with spinster neice Mary Ann Bagnall Dimmack
Death 5 Sep 1866 (age 70-71) Shifnal

Child 7: William BAGNALL

Name: William BAGNALL
Sex: Male
Baptism 5 Apr 1795 St Lawrence, Darlaston