Nathaniel Marten was born in London on 19 May 1735, the second son of Robert Amberson Marten and his wife Alice Harford. His father had been a Bristol Merchant but seems to have had a variety of business interests, latterly based in London.

Nathaniel was a deeply religious man but both independent in thought and non-conformist. His father and mother had probably been Quakers, for some time, although his father renounced quakerism before his death in 1758. Nathaniel himself married Martha Clarkson on 29 Sep 1759 and all their children were baptized at New Broad Street Independent Church. There exists an autobiography that he wrote in about 1815 that tells us much about his struggles with the deaths of his children and his belief in the role of 'Providence'

Nathaniel had a distinguished brother called Humphrey Marten, who rose to be Chief Factor of the Hudson Bay Company in Canada. At one point he had Humphrey's half-Cree son John America Marten as an apprentice in London.

Nathaniel was a distinguished member, and later Freeman of the Cook's livery company. Although he apparently had commercial interests in Chocolate and as a Pastry Cook, his business interests were far broader - this was the time in Georgian London of the Coffee House, the first joint stock companies, shipping insurance and the backing of shipping adventures to new and unexplored corners of the world. Although Nathaniel did not appear to have his father's entrepreneurial spirit, he must have maintained a close network of like minded 'city' friends.

Nathaniel's eldest two sons, Nathaniel and Robert Humphrey, were sent to school in Buckingham in 1769. Within a week of arriving at the school Nathaniel (jnr) had died - not only provoking much soul searching in his father, but was also a character forming event for the six year old Robert.

By the time Nathaniel Marten himself died in 1816, Robert Humphrey had further established the business interests describing himself as a Ship broker and Insurer, but still attached to the Cooks company.

Family of Nathaniel MARTEN and Martha CLARKSON


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Nathaniel MARTEN's siblings: Martha MARTEN (1726-1775), Humphrey MARTEN (1730-1790), Robert Amberson MARTEN (1736-1773) and Alice MARTEN (1742-1823)
Martha CLARKSON's parents: Nathaniel CLARKSON ( -1757) and Martha CARRIER (1703- )
Martha CLARKSON's siblings: Hannah CLARKSON (1735- ), Ann CLARKSON (1737- ), Katherine CLARKSON (1740- ) and William CLARKSON (bap.1742)


Husband: Nathaniel MARTEN (1735-1816)
Wife: Martha CLARKSON (1736-1790)
Children: Nathaniel MARTEN (1762-1769)
Robert Humphrey MARTEN (1763-1839)
Ann MARTEN (1764-1769)
Martha MARTEN (1765-1798)
Samuel MARTEN (1767-1767)
Ann MARTEN (1769- )
Elizabeth MARTEN (1775-1799)
Charles MARTEN (1777- )
Joshua MARTEN (1780-1781)
Mary MARTEN ( - )
Marriage 29 Sep 1759 St Mary Whitechapel

Husband: Nathaniel MARTEN

Name: Nathaniel MARTEN
Sex: Male
Father: Robert Amberson MARTEN (1699-1758)
Mother: Alice HARFORD (1709- )
Birth 19 May 1735 London
Occupation btw 1770 and 1790 (age 34-55) Freeman of the Cooks Company
Death 17 Oct 1816 (age 81) Assembly Row, Mile End
Burial 24 Oct 1816 (age 81) Bunhill Fields MI

Wife: Martha CLARKSON

Name: Martha CLARKSON
Sex: Female
Father: Nathaniel CLARKSON ( -1757)
Mother: Martha CARRIER (1703- )
Birth 1736
Baptism 19 Jul 1737 (age 0-1) New Broad Street Independent
Death 28 Mar 1790 (age 53-54)

Child 1: Nathaniel MARTEN

Name: Nathaniel MARTEN
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Jan 1762
Baptism 24 Jan 1762 (age 0) New Broad Street Independent
Death Jun 1769 (age 7) Buckingham

Child 2: Robert Humphrey MARTEN

Name: Robert Humphrey MARTEN
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mary REEVES (1766-1790)
Spouse 2: Elizabeth GILES (1759-1811)
Spouse 3: Emma Maria MARTIN (bap.1768, d.1827)
Birth 21 Mar 1763 Great Prescott Street, Goodman Fields, Whitechapel
Baptism 10 Apr 1763 (age 0) New Broad Street Independent
Occupation (1) 24 Jan 1788 (age 24) Freeman of the Cooks Company
Residence (1) 1791 (age 27-28) St Matthews Bethnal Green on Gravesend marriage register
Religion (1) 1800 (age 36-37) Congregationalist Lay Leader
Residence (2) btw 1806 and 1839 (age 42-76) Broadway (or the Great House) Plaistow 1
Religion (2) 1807 (age 43-44) Co Founder of North Street Congretional Church, West Ham
Occupation (2) 1814 (age 50-51) Aid Committee chairman for Magdeburg 2
Mission Aug 1824 (age 61) Visit to Magdeburg
Occupation (3) 1825 (age 61-62) Director of East London Water Works 3
Will 24 Dec 1838 (age 75) Later Proved by sons Charles and George Marten (PCC 772 Vaughan)
Death 11 Dec 1839 (age 76) Plaistow, Essex (Broadway House)
Burial 19 Dec 1839 (age 76) Bunhill Fields MI

Child 3: Ann MARTEN

Name: Ann MARTEN
Sex: Female
Birth 6 Apr 1764
Death Aug 1769 (age 5)

Child 4: Martha MARTEN

Name: Martha MARTEN
Sex: Female
Birth 4 Nov 1765
Baptism 8 Dec 1765 (age 0) New Broad Street Independent
Death 1798 (age 32-33)

Child 5: Samuel MARTEN

Name: Samuel MARTEN
Sex: Male
Birth 17 Feb 1767
Baptism 8 Mar 1767 (age 0) New Broad Street Independent
Death 1767 (age 0)

Child 6: Ann MARTEN

Name: Ann MARTEN
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: William SMITH ( - )
Spouse 2: Mr WILLIAMS ( - )
Birth 1769
Baptism 24 Sep 1769 (age 0) New Broad Street Independent

Child 7: Elizabeth MARTEN

Name: Elizabeth MARTEN
Sex: Female
Birth 1775
Baptism 9 Apr 1775 (age 0) New Broad Street Independent
Death 1799 (age 23-24)

Child 8: Charles MARTEN

Name: Charles MARTEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary ARNOLD (1785-aft1839)
Birth 17 Feb 1777
Baptism 9 Mar 1777 (age 0) New Broad Street Independent

Child 9: Joshua MARTEN

Name: Joshua MARTEN
Sex: Male
Birth Feb 1780
Baptism 13 Feb 1780 (age 0) New Broad Street Independent
Death 1781 (age 0-1)

Child 10: Mary MARTEN

Name: Mary MARTEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Cornelius BERRY ( - )


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