Molly and Wilmot Evans in Jersey Oct 1915

Molly Evans made a trip to Jersey in October 1915 and spent a week or so with Wilmot Evans her brother. It was the last time she saw him. She either came over on leave from Le Havre or was actually on her way over to Le Havre at the time to take up a post as a Nurse in the Voluntary Aid Detachment.

In November 1916 she states that she has been working thirteen months without leave. We know she was in Hagley in August 1915.

The picture shows a late autumn day on the beach near St Peters, far from the horrors of the war. From a letter to Mary Downing, we know that Molly stayed with the Walker family, and the other lady (seated right) is therefore probably Daisy Walker, who was teaching Wilmot to sing.