Wilmot Evans was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1910. His father, Henry Evans' links with the Wolverhampton Volunteers, recorded on this site, must have been an influence on him taking up a military career. Wilmot was seriously wounded on 16 May 1915 and was sent with fellow officers to convalesce in Jersey.

The photo is taken in Jersey at that time and identifies all his comrades with their canes that presumably indicate their non-combat status.

South Staffordshire Regiment - wounded officers convalescing in Jersey 1915

We have a number of other photos of the South Staffordshires in Pietermaritzburg, Jersey and Gibraltar. Wilmot was awarded the Military Cross, possibly earned as a result of these wounds - although there is no citation for his actions. He was killed, missing in action, on the first day of the Battle of the Somme on 1 July 1916.

Back row

Second Lieutenant Hallam, 2B, wounded 16 May

Second Lieutenant Prior, 2B, wounded 16 May

Lieutenant Hassell, 1B, wounded 16 May

Second Lieutenant Hall, 2B, wounded 16 May

Front Row

Lieutenant Townshend, 2B, wounded 10 March

Captain Naylor, 2B, Invalided home Dec

Second Lieutenant Sabben, 2B, wounded 16 May

Lieutenant Evans, 1B, wounded 16 May

Lieutenant Thompson, 2B, wounded 16 May


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More to come on:

Vincent James Hallam

Ladas Lewis Hassell

John Sydney Townshend

Hubert Hart Sabben 

Robert Francis Brydges Naylor