We have a fine collection of photos (12) of the Presentation of Colours to the First Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment by King George V on 31 January 1912. Second Lieutenant Wilmot Evans would have been in the regiment 18 months by this time. He certainly would have been conscious of the family military traditions in that his great great uncle Thomas Evans had been the military commander of Gibraltar in the 1830s. The event took place on the Alameda Parade and would have been redolent of historical connections of the regiment itself - the old colours had been presented on the same ground on 5 January 1887. The regiment was subsequently to be posted to PieterMaritzburg in 1913.

First South Staffordshires Gibraltar Jan 1912

We have a list of the officers of the first battalion present at the parade although this is unfortunately not tied into the photograph. Some of the faces reappear in the Maritzburg photo on this site taken two years later. In this picture Wilmot is on the far left.

Lieut-Col J W Sears (Commanding)

Major R M Ovens
Major A C Buckle
Major F H Parkin

Captain R W Morgan
Captain S Bonner
Captain W J J Collas
Captain J F Vallentin
Captain J M S Leland DSO

Lieutenant G de C Glover (Adjutant)
Lieutenant  C H Manger
Lieutenant W A P Foster
Lieutenant HS Blockley
Lieutenant F L Holmes
Lieutenant H K Shore
Lieutenant J C P Versturme Bunbury
Lieutenant R F B Naylor
Lieutenant G Dawes

2nd-Lieutenant C F Crousaz
2nd-Lieutenant V G Olive
2nd-Lieutenant L C Moor-Radford
2nd-Lieutenant C D Hume
2nd-Lieutenant C W Evans
2nd-Lieutenant C R Limbery
2nd-Lieutenant D C Twiss

Captain and QM F H White

King George V presenting colours to the First South Staffs Gibraltar 31 Jan 1912